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Jeffrion L. Aubry
Assembly District 35
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02506Authorizes the transfer and conveyance of certain lands in the county of Bronx, city of New York, to the Thomas Mott Osborne Memorial Fund, Inc.
A02507Expands definition of place of public accommodation
A02508Requires cardiac screening of student athletes
A02895Provides that the commissioner of environmental conservation shall place and operate certain air quality monitoring systems in proximity to N.Y. city airports
A02896Relates to criminal history record searches and open warrants
A02897Relates to an order upon termination of criminal action in favor of the accused
A03061Provides for defense and indemnification of parents serving in certain authorized positions in N.Y. city community school districts in suits by school officials
A03062Prohibits a pharmacist from substituting any anti-epileptic drug for a prescribed anti-epileptic drug without the informed consent of the prescriber and patient
A03063Authorizes the use of school facilities by not-for-profit or charitable organizations for the operation of after-school programs
A03379Establishes certain persons who have previously provided a DNA sample shall not be required to pay a DNA databank fee for his or her conviction for certain offenses
A03381Relates to undisposed cases
A03382Establishes the presence of a controlled substance in a certain room is presumptive evidence of knowing possession thereof by each person present in such room
A03383Allows a court to waive certain surcharges and fees; repealer
A03394Clarifies that individuals have the ability to vote by absentee ballot where their maximum sentence of imprisonment has expired
A03401Authorizes academic performance awards for incarcerated persons; repealer
A03403Establishes the chief administrator of the courts shall submit annually a report on the Drug Treatment Court Program during the preceding year
A04106Provides inmates the opportunity to obtain a general equivalency diploma
A04107Authorizes the correctional association to inspect residential juvenile detention facilities
A04108Relates to the modification of the procedure for interviews of parole applicants and to the disclosure of parole applicant records
A04109Establishes the commission on post-secondary correctional education
A04110Provides for a sex offender registry check for youth organization volunteers who have direct contact with youths under the age of 18
A04111Ensures that employees of the OMH who work in prison mental health units receive the same immunity from civil damages as other state employees who work in prisons
A04121Requires a criminal court to release a defendant charged with certain offenses involving marihuana on his or her own recognizance upon ordering a case adjourned in contemplation of dismissal
A04122Establishes a certificate of restoration; repealer
A04198Relates to controlled substances and indeterminate sentences; to the expansion of merit time; repealer
A04314Relates to sentencing and resentencing in domestic violence cases
A04869Requires employers to make a conditional offer of employment before inquiring about any criminal convictions of a prospective employee
A05554Relates to the issuance and administration of certificates of restoration
A05829Requires notification procedures to be established giving advance notice of certain construction projects in school buildings or a district leasing school property
A05857Relates to standards for the use of electronic control weapons
A08516Relates to birth certificates for inmates
A08588Restricts the use of segregated confinement and creates alternative therapeutic and rehabilitative confinement options
A08837Relates to establishing a crisis intervention team program
A09217Relates to the membership and duties of the board of trustees and the oversight of the executive director and key library executive personnel of the Queens Borough Public Library

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00022   A00029   A00075   A00106   A00142   A00211   A00295   A00368   A00406   A00408   A00421   A00434   A00523   A00689   A00806   A00881   A00909   A00934   A00950   A01059   A01068   A01125   A01186   A01196   A01276   A01278   A01310   A01345   A01355   A01410   A01524   A01619   A01642   A01743   A01744   A01771   A01773   A01792   A01910   A01938   A01982   A02055   A02098   A02114   A02133   A02137   A02148   A02179   A02180   A02263   A02308   A02309   A02312   A02319   A02320   A02335   A02347   A02362   A02373   A02387   A02441   A02446   A02448   A02581   A02585   A02597   A02619   A02654   A02669   A02803   A02804   A02805   A02819   A02821   A02837   A02886   A02891   A02967   A02994   A02995   A03029   A03031   A03111   A03242   A03244   A03339   A03372   A03378   A03457   A03546   A03548   A03668   A03676   A03677   A03752   A03801   A03944   A03995   A03999   A04024   A04059   A04087   A04204   A04209   A04216   A04280   A04394   A04461   A04469   A04493   A04524   A04525   A04526   A04583   A04584   A04585   A04586   A04587   A04588   A04589   A04590   A04591   A04592   A04593   A04594   A04595   A04606   A04662   A04726   A04745   A04755   A04763   A04858   A04864   A04870   A04871   A04872   A04873   A04875   A04887   A04912   A04922   A04965   A04974   A04986   A05046   A05060   A05107   A05147   A05175   A05188   A05233   A05240   A05279   A05334   A05340   A05373   A05407   A05538   A05623   A05625   A05689   A05692   A05723   A05837   A05873   A05874   A05875   A05899   A05921   A05961   A05991   A05998   A06003   A06026   A06213   A06214   A06231   A06240   A06390   A06571   A06574   A06604   A06606   A06651   A06716   A06761   A07017   A07086   A07119   A07128   A07189   A07191   A07248   A07333   A07426   A07516   A07535   A07554   A07598   A07697   A08070   A08144   A08170   A08198   A08344   A08457   A08472   A08473   A08604   A08874   A08875   A09007   A09269   A09277  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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