Personal Electronics Registration Event is a Success!

November 18, 2009
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman and the NYPD’s 84th precinct teamed up on Saturday, November 14th to provide residents at a Brooklyn Heights co-op with free personal electronics registration. When police recover stolen personal electronics, registered devices can be returned to the owner. In addition, electronics registration can be an effective tool in recovering lost or stolen property.

“I would like to thank the 84th Precinct for helping me bring this important resource to the community,’ said Millman. “As we rely more and more on personal electronic devices, like cell phones, iPods and laptops, we are at greater risk of becoming victims of theft. I hope to work with all the local precincts in bringing this service to the residents of the 52nd Assembly District.”

Those interested in registering personal electronic devices should contact their local police precinct for more information.