Millman Bill to Develop Grant Program to Support Working Artists

May 15, 2012
Brooklyn – On May 14th Assemblywoman Joan Millman’s bill 9694, establishing a pilot grant program to help working artists secure residency at a shared-use facility passed the Assembly. Administered by the New York State Council on the Arts, a grant program will provide financial assistance for working artists in four areas of the state. Kingston, New York, Rochester, and Syracuse were the four cities selected to be included in this pilot program.

“While the arts affect all of us in different ways the benefits of supporting the arts includes tourism, history, cultural education and economic vitality to many communities”, stated Millman. “The arts community has greatly influenced the revitalization of urban and rural communities making use of areas abandoned by mainstream businesses.”

Artists have sought out abandoned industrial and manufacturing buildings to live and practice their arts and turning once neglected neighborhoods into thriving communities. As a result of these artists creating new neighborhoods, rents have increased forcing these individuals to leave and look for more affordable areas. The new grant program will assist artists, help in the economic growth of the arts community, keeping New York an arts and entertainment leader.