Medicaid Alert: Free Air Conditioners for some Low Income New Yorkers with Medical Conditions

July 25, 2012
Under the terms of the grant, one air conditioner will be awarded to an eligible household or dwelling unit, with installation and labor included. Grants do not include an additional HEAP cash benefit to cover the cost of operating the air conditioning unit:

Eligibility for the program is determined by:

  1. LIHEAP Low-Income guidelines. (For a four person household, the maximum gross income to qualify is approximately $49,500)
  2. Having at least one household member who has been diagnosed with a chronic or acute medical condition, which is aggravated by exposure to extreme heat situations.
  3. A doctor providing written documentation (dated within the last six months) that air-conditioning assistance is critical to prevent a heat emergency.

Households that have a working a working air-conditioner or have received one from the state in the last 10 years are not eligible.

Feel free to come into our office for more information.