Ceretto: Feedback From Community Listening Tour To Highlight Assemblyman’s 2012 Legislative Agenda

December 29, 2011
Assemblyman John Ceretto (R,I-Lewiston) is looking forward to building upon the success of last year’s legislative session and has received tremendous feedback from his Community Listening Tour to help ensure that the needs of Niagara County residents are met.

Assemblyman Ceretto began the tour in August, and wrapped up the district-wide informational visits last month. Through his community outreach, he has gained tremendous feedback from residents on what needs to be done to make the region more affordable for families and job creators.

“From passing a two percent property tax cap to creating programs like SUNY 2020 and RechargeNY, lawmakers were able to work together to enhance the state’s ability to create jobs, while lessening the state’s onerous tax burden,” said Ceretto. “Now, with the 2012 session set to begin, I look forward to utilizing the information and suggestions I received during my tour to build upon last year’s accomplishments, and make our region of the state a more affordable place for businesses and families.”

Some of the issues that arose during the tour included the need to better utilize the region’s energy needs to promote local job growth, reducing state spending, enhancing Western New York’s transportation system, mandate relief and job creation.

“The state’s high cost of living and lack of job growth continue to weigh heavily on most residents. While we accomplished much this year to address many of these concerns, more must be done to make the state a more competitive place to own and operate a business,” said Ceretto. “Lawmakers must also redouble their efforts to provide mandate relief in order to provide relief to school districts, local governments and taxpayers.”

During the listening tour, Assemblyman Ceretto hit close to 10,000 households and visited every city, town, village and reservation in the district.

“I truly enjoyed getting out into the community and meeting with the residents I represent,” said Ceretto. “Constituent feedback is very important to me, and I believe it is crucial to meet with residents throughout the year and not just during campaign time. The feedback I received during the tour will help me better meet the needs of the communities I represent in the Assembly.”