Ceretto Attends Animal Advocacy Day In Albany

June 13, 2012
Assemblyman Ceretto at home with his two dogs, Butchy and Rupert.
Assemblyman John Ceretto (R,I-Lewiston) today attended Animal Advocacy Day at the state Capitol. Ceretto was joined by a group of bipartisan lawmakers as well as pet and animal owners from across New York State to call for the enactment of tougher animal cruelty laws.

“Today’s event highlighted the need to enact greater protections for New York pets and to enhance the state’s ability to crack down on animal abuse,” said Ceretto. “Our pets are members of the family in addition to serving as companion animals to those with disabilities. These furry friends need to be protected from abuse, and policies must be enacted which will require psychological evaluations for those who harm animals.”

Among the bipartisan legislation supported by Assemblyman Ceretto and others are measures to require anyone convicted of Buster’s Law to undergo a psychiatric evaluation (A.1580/S.5084 and A.1567/S.3805) and be placed on a registry of animal abusers (A.1506/S.3804), as well as bills to increase penalties for animal fighting (S.3806 and A.4407/S.3237).

The event’s timing was significant for the region thanks to the recent announcement that Niagara County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will become a no-kill shelter for at least a day and have redoubled their efforts to increase pet adoptions at the shelter.

Earlier this year, Assemblyman Ceretto, Senator Maziarz and other local officials called for an investigation into allegations of mistreatment of animals at the SPCA of Niagara. As a result of the investigation, a new board of directors was installed at the society, which has led to several policy changes at the SPCA of Niagara.

“I am excited that the Niagara County SPCA is taking steps to, hopefully, become a no-kill shelter and is working to expand their adoption program,” said Ceretto. “I believe all efforts should be made to ensure the adoption of abandoned animals and the new board’s actions should be commended.”