Law Makes State Forms Accessible Over the Internet

April 14, 2005

Assemblyman Jose Rivera (D-Bronx) sponsored legislation making State forms available over the Internet. The law took effect April 7 (Ch. 727 of 2004 as A. 10135).

"This law will make filling out and filing state forms and applications much easier," Assemblyman Rivera said. "Now, busy New Yorkers can fill out forms in the comfort of their own homes whenever it is convenient for them."

The law requires that the state, and every state institution, make various forms, applications and information accessible over the Internet when feasible. Assemblyman Rivera noted that the traditional hard copy forms are still available at the appropriate state offices as well.

"We can eliminate paper work and make filling out state forms much more efficient by taking advantage of the current technology," Assemblyman Rivera said. "This is helpful law allows us to provide more convenient services to the people of New York."