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Joseph D. Morelle
Assembly District 136
Majority Leader
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A02633Relates to the elimination of employer unemployment contributions for employees fired for misconduct
A02781Relates to endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person
A02877Relates to providing innovative infrastructure development
A02906Creates crimes of cemetery desecration of a veteran
A03102Relates to investments by charitable gift annuity corporations or associations
A03103Relates to the educational preparation for practice of professional nursing
A03104Relates to the applicability of certain provisions with respect to persons injured in the use of scaffolding and other devices for use by employees
A03105Prohibits the unauthorized sale of veterans' commemorative property by cemeteries
A03106Enacts the "unfunded mandate reform act"
A03328Creates a debt management board; repealer
A03329Establishes under the direction of the state board of pharmacy a drug repository program
A03330Relates to establishing the New York state telehealth/telemedicine act
A03369Relates to the sale of monuments
A03418Increases the fine for handicap parking violations and allows motorists so cited to provide proof of possession of such permit to reduce such fine
A04795Provides that complaints brought against mental health professionals shall be commenced within ten years of the date of the last treatment
A04814Prevents gas and electric companies from expanding transmission lines or electric generating facilities for lines and facilities originating outside of New York
A04964Provides that people arrested in connection with a felony must submit a DNA sample
A04969Provides relief on statewide central register clearance fees for tax exempt organizations
A05200Relates to certain smoke detecting devices
A05361Prohibits the rental of safety recalled cars until they are repaired in accordance with the recall
A05631Relates to domestic excess line insurance companies
A05632Provides for the certification of and qualifications for dentists practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery
A05928Relates to permanent total disability benefits received by disabled volunteer firefighters
A05944Relates to the imposition of the personal income tax upon foreign partnerships
A06051Requires all insurance policies to provide a certain amount of coverage for hearing aids
A06098Prohibits insurance companies from limiting the quantity of drugs dispensed pursuant to a prescription and increases the quantity that may be prescribed to 90 days
A06419Clarifies methods for the payment of wages and authorizes the payment of wages by use of payroll cards
A06449Relates to the mandatory health insurance coverage of cleft lip and cleft palate
A06450Enhances tax incentives for the purchase of long-term care insurance policies
A06451Relates to directing the department of health to submit an amendment to the plan for medical assistance
A06506Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state
A06696Provides for the registration of professional nurse anesthetist
A06727Relates to limits on certain supplementary insurance
A06807Provides for creation of a legislative budget office
A06810Requires optical stores to be registered with the education department
A06874Relates to when a person is guilty of obstructing firefighting operations
A06890Relates to exempting diesel motor fuel used by ambulance services from certain taxes
A06891Relates to exempting new and used ambulances purchased by an ambulance service from state sales and compensating use taxes
A06893Enacts the "bridge and road investment and dedicated fund guaranteed enforcement (BRIDGE) reform act"
A07202Relates to first degree murder where the intended victim is a prosecutor or district attorney
A07440Enacts the "telehealth continuity and integration act" to ensure the provision of and reimbursement for telehealth services provided by home health agencies and programs
A07510Relates to the sales tax exemption for coin operated car wash facilities
A07528Directs the department of health to convene a health technology assessment committee to advise the commissioner of health on coverage of health technology under the medical assistance program; repealer
A07598Relates to retired members of the state police who have opted to make an application to obtain a license to carry or possess a firearm
A07843Provides that a property right exists in a deceased individual's persona for seventy years after the death of the individual
A07916Requires builders of one- and two-family dwellings having less than 3 stories to provide buyers with information on the installation and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems
A07952Relates to medicaid life settlements
A07978Provides for the conducting of visual assessments by ophthalmic dispensers
A07984Relates to tort claims against water authorities of Erie, Suffolk, Monroe and Onondaga counties
A08008Designates payments made pursuant to payment in lieu of taxes agreements as "taxes or other lawful charges"
A08035Authorizes Monroe county to establish wireless surcharges
A08038Relates to payments in lieu of taxes
A08398Relates to submission of written requests to the superintendent of insurance regarding health insurance demonstration programs
A08518Provides for the regulation of the profession and practice of applied behavior analysis
A08718Relates to providers of goods and services to local social services districts under the medical assistance program
A08775Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state
A08842Authorizes the commissioner of general services to transfer and convey certain unappropriated state land to Monroe county
A09000Relates to the New York state biomedical and biotechnological translational research and entrepreneurship initiative
A09080Relates to enacting the New York state digital game development and incentive act
A09081Relates to enacting the New York state digital game development and incentive act
A09105Relates to New York state incubators and hotspots
A09346Relates to court ordered appraisals under fire insurance policies

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00038   A00094   A00404   A00421   A00494   A00558   A00560   A00690   A01022   A01092   A01320   A01378   A01608   A01986   A02032   A02135   A02179   A02240   A02287   A02318   A02437   A02597   A02650   A02742   A02753   A02880   A03054   A03337   A03339   A03494   A03583   A03597   A03664   A03677   A04282   A04371   A04750   A04833   A04980   A05472   A05606   A05949   A06246   A06271   A06481   A06777   A06997   A07160   A07588   A07838   A08021   A08070   A08074   A08096   A08104   A08106   A08122   A08189   A08190   A08198   A08202   A08214   A08220   A08343   A08344   A08392   A08929   A08981   A09086   A09135   A09334  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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