250 High Tech Jobs Coming to Rochester

June 1, 2010

Mark Peterson and his team at GRE were instrumental to winning this deal

For years I have spoken, written and worked dilligently on the transformation of Upstate New York to the Innovation Economy that focuses on the high-tech, high-paying jobs of the future.

Today, in partnership with Governor David Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Dennis Mullen of Empire State Development and Mark Peterson of Greater Rochester Enterprise, I am pleased to announce a deal to bring those kind of jobs to Rochester.

Cody Gate Ventures, a venture capital firm based in England and Silicon Valley, has selected Rochester as the site of expansion for three companies that are part of its portfolio. In the next few years these companies will combine to invest more than $100 million in our local economy and hire at least 250 full-time employees who will specialize in research, development, and manufacturing of advanced technology. The three companies are Intrinsiq Materials, Quintel Technology, and Omni-ID. All plan to begin hiring and bringing their operations to Rochester this summer, likely to the Eastman Business Park (the former Kodak Park).

CodyGate did not originally expect to wind up in Rochester. After a global site search they eventually chose us because of the incredible resources offered by our region. Everything from our highly skilled workforce, to the technical expertise of our higher education institutions like the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology, to our existing infrastructure and facilities like the former Kodak Park all helped to win them over.

It is also important to acknowledge the hard work of the economic development professionals at GRE, ESDC and several other agencies involved. Together we created a successful collaboration that we hope to recreate again and again as a model that will restore our regional economy to compete and thrive in the new global marketplace.

About Cody Gate, Intrinsiq, Quintel and Omni-ID

Cody Gate Ventures invests in businesses to meet the important needs of global corporations and governments. What makes Cody Gate Ventures unique is its preferential access to disruptive, government-funded technologies to realize high-value opportunities across a range of sectors. Companies created by the Cody Gate Ventures team in recent years have included sectors such as Mobile Infrastructure, Government Security, Internet Infrastructure and Services, Retail, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Medical Devices, Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology.

Intrinsiq Materials is a leading advanced materials company that generates valuable solutions to unmet needs in the advanced metals and health and wellness industries, is bringing its research and development and manufacturing operations to Rochester. Intrinsiq will hire 158 full-time employees.

Quintel Technology is a provider of next generation antenna systems for mobile networks, is creating an additional research and development operation in Rochester. Quintel will hire 68 full-time employees.

Omni-ID is a provider of high performance radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that excels in reliability for any application, including harsh environments such as on, off, and near metals and liquids, is bringing its research and development operation to Rochester. Omni-ID will hire 24 full-time employees.