Giglio Calls On Legislature To Vote On Civil Confinement

Assemblyman, conference will push immediate action on sex offender bill
January 19, 2006

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda) today joined the Assembly minority conference’s call for passage of a bill requiring the civil confinement of sexually violent predators after they've completed their prison sentences.

“In the same way the Legislature came together earlier this week to pass a meaningful extension to Megan’s Law and the state Sex Offender Registry, it is doubly important that we push to pass civil confinement legislation,” said Giglio. “Keeping the most dangerous sexual predators off our streets should be our main focus.”

Under the Assembly minority conference’s version of civil confinement, a convicted sex offender determined to be a “sexually violent predator” by a jury would be sent to a secure mental-health facility for care, treatment and control until the person is no longer considered a sexually violent predator. The jury would have to determine the person committed a sexually violent offense and also suffers from a mental abnormality that predisposes the individual to commit more sex crimes if freed from prison.

An individual confined to a facility must be evaluated annually by a psychiatric examiner who, in turn, presents the findings to pertinent state officials. If the officials determine the offender is no longer a sexually violent predator, the individual may petition a judge for discharge from confinement.