Assemblyman Lentol Hosts a Red Cross Event

February 13, 2009

Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) is seen hosting a Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Event at Fort Greene's Walt Whitman Houses Community Center on Thursday night, February 12th. Barbara Hochberg, seen at left, is a Red Cross volunteer who also works in advertising. She gave the assembled group instructions on evacuations, preparing an evacuation "Go-Bag" and what to do during and after emergencies including floods and fires.

Also in the picture is Whitman's new Tenant's Association President, Isabelle Lee. Assemblyman Lentol said about the event that, "I hope no one who came here tonight ever has to use what they learned but if there is an emergency, there is nothing more important than knowing how to protect yourself and your family. I am proud to be able work with the Red Cross to help North Brooklyn be a little more prepared."