Broadway Stages, Luna Lighting and Greenpoint YMCA Haiti Relief Supply Drive

Monday 1/25/10 Monday 2/08/10
January 24, 2010

Our friends at Broadway Stages and Luna Lighting are collecting supplies and materials of all kinds to ship to Haiti. They have rented a shipping container that will be filled with donations and sent to Haiti. Please donate anything you can show Haiti that Greenpoint and Williamsburg care!

Drop-off Locations

Small items only: All Greenpoint YMCA locations

Any items: Broadway Stages, 282 Calyer Street btw. Diamond and Jewel, 9am-5pm.

Make sure to mention items are for Haiti Relief.

Camp Materials

  • tents
  • mattresses
  • sheets
  • blankets
  • towels
  • tarps
  • sleeping bags

Cleaning Materials, Medicine and Sanitary Supplies

  • handcarts
  • shovels
  • gloves and masks
  • rakes
  • garbage bags
  • bandages
  • gauze
  • soap
  • bags
  • brooms, cleaning
  • baby diapers
  • medicine supplies
  • vinegar
  • antibiotic ointments

Food Supplies

Non-perishable canned food with tab openings like soup, tuna fish, etc., energy bars, bottled water, baby formula.

Power Supplies

  • flashlights
  • candles
  • batteries (especially D cells)
  • matches
  • lanterns
  • lantern oil
  • diesel generators
  • rechargeable lamps


  • radios
  • soccer and volley balls
  • dominoes
  • playing cards
  • clothing
  • shoes