New York State Supreme Court Officers Association Name Assemblyman Joe Lentol “Legislator of the Year”

November 12, 2010

Assemblyman Joe Lentol accepts his Legislator of the Year Award from the New York State Supreme Court Officers Association President, John Strandberg.

Assemblyman Joe Lentol was proud to accept “Legislator of the Year Award” on Wednesday November 10th, 2010 from the New York State Supreme Court Officers at their Annual Awards Dinner. The awards ceremony and dinner was held at Antun’s in Queens Village

Assemblyman Lentol was honored to receive the award of Legislator of the Year. Assemblyman Lentol was especially humbled to be honored alongside a number of Court Officers who were receiving awards for going above and beyond the call of duty. These officers had been singled out for being exemplary, for doing outstanding or courageous acts and for performing their jobs estimably with talent and dedication. However, Assemblyman Lentol pointed out that their acts personified what it means to be a Supreme Court Officer. He felt that these honorees exemplified the greater membership of the Association. Assemblyman Lentol took advantage of his chance to speak to thank and honor the Court Officers beside him, as well as their President, John Strandberg and all Supreme Court Officers. Lentol thanked them for their hard work and dedication to protecting public safety and upholding the law of land. He also spoke of his long standing respect for the courts and the role that Court Officers play in ensuring that the public can put their faith in the courts and what can be done to make their jobs better.

“Whenever I come to one of your events I can’t help but reminisce about my family, particularly my dad who was a Supreme Court Judge in Brooklyn. That was my very first exposure to the breadth of service Supreme Court Officers give to our court system,” Lentol told the Supreme Court Officers Association in his acceptance speech. “Obviously I knew about Supreme Court Officers because I was an attorney. But when my dad worked as a judge, I saw how very important his officer was to him and the security and professionalism of his court room. It was only then that I realized what an incredibly crucial role all of you play in the justice system,” he continued.

“Your role is even more crucial now than it was in my father’s time. Our work places can become dangerous and we want a police force protecting us there. Going above and beyond the call of duty – that is what has always been expected of you and that’s why I have been so proud to advocate for you in Albany,” said Lentol.

“I sponsor your bill (A.6064) to give you police officer status. It’s ironic. The court rooms run so smoothly that many people don’t realize that it is the result of a whole system of safety in place that works very well. And as the first line of defense in court rooms, you have been responsible for that success,” Lentol said.

“You should be proud of all that you have done to keep the public safe and keep the courts running. Yet there is always more that can be done and in this case, more we can do for you. We want you to have the full powers and benefit of being a police officer because it will ultimately help you do your job more effectively and protect the public better,” he explained.

“We have gotten close to the enactment of this bill. Unfortunately, lately the economy distracted everyone – ok and perhaps some other shenanigans in the State Senate. But, I believe we are getting back on track and we will get it done,” declared Lentol

“We have hard work in front of us as we wait for the economy to rebound, but I am optimistic. I will be working for the passage of this legislation and other bills that help you do your best in the safest environment we can provide,” added Lentol.

Lentol thanked the crowd again for their support and their dedicated work in the court system.