Statement by Assemblyman Joe Lentol on MTA Adding New Bus Line along Waterfront and Restoring Old Bus Service

July 19, 2012

In response to the MTA’s announcement today that they will enhance service in North Brooklyn, including the implementation of a new bus line along the waterfront corridor of Williamsburg, I am very pleased and gratified that the MTA has acted to address our current level of inadequate bus service. The reality is that not only is Williamsburg an important destination in our City, but also that we have many new residents in the 50th Assembly District, who use public transportation as their preferred method of travel throughout the City. Residents and visitors will get aboard this bus line almost immediately.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint have changed dramatically during the last ten years. We all know this – but the MTA had been slow to act on the information. The 2010 census proved what we have been saying -- North Brooklyn is one of only a couple of areas in the State that gained population. This dictates the need for more public services – improved transportation being one of the most important.

In addition to the implementation of a new bus line along the waterfront corridor the MTA has also:

  • Restored B24 weekend service from Greenpoint to Williamsburg Bridge Plaza via Sunnyside
  • Restored B39 service from Williamsburg Bridge Plaza to Lower East Side Delancey/Allen Streets via Williamsburg Bridge
  • Extended G train service to Church Avenue permanently

Transit Authority officials have seen how popular the East River ferries are and are now themselves responding. I personally met MTA Chairman Joe Lhota on the Williamsburg waterfront recently, as he was seeing for himself the crowds enjoying the New York State East River Park and other waterfront attractions. I applaud Mr. Lhota and his staff for acting upon the need for better bus service. The MTA’s agreement to permanently extend G line subway service to Church Avenue is another example of the MTA’s improving service to our residents, businesses and visitors. Today’s announcement is a good step to better transit – more subway cars, and more buses. That’s how you keep the City’s population shifts in equilibrium – by responding to changing demographics, business/economic development and residential patterns.

The residents of North Brooklyn have invested in our City; they are committed to our community.

For those who greatly value public transportation as I do, today’s MTA announcement is great news!