Saladino Holds Press Conference with Student Journalists

April 26, 2005
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino (R,C,I-Massapequa) today held a press conference with Farmingdale High School student journalists at the Farmingdale Public Library. The students, who write for their school newspaper, the Paper Lion, were on hand to meet with the assemblyman and gain practical experience in news reporting.

"I’m especially pleased to see our young adults taking an active interest in current events and government," said Saladino. "The students of today are the bridge to our future. Seeing them take an active role in current state matters and learning about governmental issues reaffirms my belief that New York’s students are the best in the United States."

The event was designed to provide aspiring journalists with opportunities to question and interview Assemblyman Saladino, who fielded inquiries from the student reporters on such subjects as state government, his work as a legislator, his role as a representative of Long Island residents, and issues of particular concern, including the first on-time state budget in 21 years, in-depth legislative reforms and an increase in state funding for Long Island school districts.

"I’m very excited to be able to provide young, budding journalists with insight into New York state government and politics," said Assemblyman Saladino. "Understanding our government is essential to accurately reporting the facts about our legislative system. I commend these bright, young adults for showing an interest in the workings of our government and striving to bring ethics and professionalism to the field of journalism."

Saladino, a former journalist, brought his years of reporting experience to the press conference. He studied journalism on Long Island and received his master’s degree in journalism from the New York Institute of Technology. He understands the importance of developing reporting skills and ethics in future journalists so as to ensure the public will continue to receive the most balanced news and well-written articles.

Saladino has reported for media outlets, including WNYG, WALK, WLIW–Channel 21 and NEWS 12, as well as numerous newspapers and magazines. Because of his many years in journalism, Saladino has firsthand experience on both sides of the podium: as a former TV and radio reporter focusing on Long Island and statewide issues, and now as a legislator answering tough questions from inquisitive correspondents. Having both perspectives gives him an interesting viewpoint for the student reporters to explore.

Saladino concluded, "We on Long Island place much of our resources, efforts and support into our education system. As a result, our students are very competitive in their professions of choice. Today’s program and our continued increase in state school aid reflect my commitment to education."

Saladino is a member of the Assembly Education Committee.

Long Island’s working media also covered the press conference, thus providing high school students with added opportunities to learn from and question reporters about the finer points of their profession.