Assemblyman Saladino Pushes For Conservation of Long Island’s Marine Resources

Legislation would enact “New York Ocean and Bays Protection Act”
April 19, 2006
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino today announced his call for strong support for legislation that would provide guidelines for all state agencies responsible for protecting and conserving ocean and marine resources. The New York Ocean and Bays Protection Act was approved by the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee (of which Joseph Saladino is a member) and now goes to the Assembly floor for a vote.

“As a bayman and recreational sportsman on the Great South Bay, I understand firsthand the importance of protecting our marine resources to ensure that boaters, anglers and all saltwater enthusiasts will have an abundance of safe, clean natural resources, with access to all for generations to come,” said Assemblyman Saladino.

The New York Ocean and Bays Protection Council would be established as part of the legislation. This organization, whose creation was recommended in part by Assemblyman Saladino, would consist of the commissioners from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Office of General Services and Department of Transportation, as well as New York’s secretary of state.

“I am a proud sponsor of this bill, and I recognize the importance of preserving the ocean, sound and bays that are part of and surround Long Island,” said Saladino. “Due to such a variety of special needs, onshore and offshore proposals and certain fishing practices, it has become imperative that this organization be set up to ensure that our natural resources are protected and we protect the rights of all residents including beach goers, anglers, and marine recreational enthusiasts.”

The council would integrate and coordinate the state’s policies and institutions that are responsible for protecting and conserving marine resources. No procedures are currently in place governing how the different state agencies coordinate and address the protection of New York’s coastline.