Saladino Announces Passage of Gas Tax Cap Agreement

May 18, 2006
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino today said he joined legislators in voting to cap the state sales tax on gasoline, a measure that will save motorists a portion of the New York State sales tax paid at fuel stations. While he has been calling for measures to reduce the overall cost of gasoline and outlaw price gouging, Saladino stresses that this legislation does far too little in light of the skyrocketing price of fuel.

“My colleagues and I have been pushing to pass this legislation for well over a month,” said Saladino. “The state Senate already passed the measure we introduced as a floor amendment in the Assembly, but the amendment was voted down late last week. We must now do far more for motorists and taxpayers.”

Saladino noted the gas tax cap measure that passed the Assembly today is the same legislation that was defeated on April 11 by a 77-64 vote.

The new agreement caps state fuel taxes at eight cents per gallon, equal to what the state collects on the first $2 per gallon purchased. Saladino said remaining local taxes on gasoline still range from .12 to .15 cents per gallon.

Counties have the option to cap their local shares of the sales taxes on gasoline, possibly further reducing the cost per gallon.

“My colleagues and I feel this is a real victory for New York’s motorists, especially residents in Nassau County, where the cost of living is becoming increasingly burdensome,” said Saladino. “The Assembly minority conference has fought vigorously on this issue and we have not wavered. Today, I am proud to be representing my constituents as we lift some of the burden that rising gas prices have placed on Long Island motorists.”

If signed into law, the cap takes effect June 1.