Saladino Announces His Support of Open Space Proposal

Legislation would increase outdoor recreation opportunities
May 17, 2006
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, vice chair of the Assembly Minority Hunting and Fishing Task Force, today said he supports a broad legislative package that is designed to further protect important fish and wildlife habitats, and boost fishing and other outdoor recreational activities.

“These proposals are a comprehensive response to many of the concerns our task force heard from outdoor sports enthusiasts across New York,” said Saladino. “As a Nassau County resident and an avid fisherman, the proposals in this legislative package are designed to protect our resources and the outdoor sports-driven economy that represents more than $4 billion in annual sales and services on Long Island. I fully support proposals that protect our environment and these activities for our children and future generations.”

Saladino noted the initiatives include:

  • Creation of a New York State Habitat Conservation and Public Access Program to encourage landowners to voluntarily designate and conserve critical habitats for wildlife, fish and marine life
  • Allowing 14- and 15-year-olds to obtain junior small and big game licenses, entitling them to sportsman rights with adult supervision
  • An extension of liability protections to landowners who allow recreational use of their properties, and to individuals or organizations that develop or maintain public trails or recreational facilities
  • Expanding efforts to provide young adults with a broad range of opportunities that teach and stress safety.

The Assembly Minority Hunting and Fishing Task Force is charged with gathering information from local hunting and fishing organizations, business owners and tourism officials on ways to improve New York’s sporting industry. It travels throughout the state, developing strategies to increase the number of hunters and anglers and raise awareness of the positive impact of outdoor sports on the state’s economy.

Assemblyman Saladino has used his position as task force vice chair to protect the rights of boaters and anglers, and to pass a state law to name the striped bass the official state saltwater fish. The latter effort would lend additional prominence to Long Island and educate the public to the most successful marine resource management comeback in the nation’s history.