Saladino: Time Is Running Out To Pass Legislation That Will Help Keep New Yorkers Safe

May 23, 2006
With just 13 days left in the 2006 legislative session, Assemblyman Joseph Saladino today joined his Assembly colleagues, Kim Talman, state chair of the National Association to Protect Children, and local district attorneys to urge passage of legislation aimed at further protecting New Yorkers from sexual predators.

Assemblyman Saladino has led the charge to strengthen laws that protect state residents from sexual predators and pedophiles. Several crucial initiatives have consistently failed to pass, including civil confinement of the most violent sex offenders, elimination of the five-year statute of limitations for rape cases and expansion of the state DNA database.

Saladino pointed out that, to date, no vote has been taken on a bill that would eliminate New York’s “incest loophole” and ensure children who are raped by family members receive the same protections as other child victims.

The bill passed, 58-0, in the state Senate.

“Time is running out to act on this crucial legislation that we have been fighting to pass for years,” said Saladino. “I have made it my number one priority to protect women and children from sexual predators and while we have had some victories this year in strengthening laws to combat sexual predators in New York state, but we must do far more, and we must do it before the end of this session.”

Assemblyman Saladino has sponsored legislation to create the crime of luring children on the internet and keep convicted predators from living near a school, daycare, or their victims.