Saladino Announces Passage Of Critical Criminal Justice Legislation To Convict Sex Offenders

June 27, 2006
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino today announced a major victory for all New Yorkers with the passage of two critical measures that expand the state DNA database and end the statute of limitations for felony rape cases.

Since the beginning of his career as an elected official, Assemblyman Saladino has made protecting women and children his number one priority. The mandating of DNA samples from convicted sex offenders and creation of the DNA database is part of his multi-step plan to make a real impact in the fight against predators.

Saladino explained that the bill expanding New York state’s DNA databank would triple the size of the existing database to include all people convicted of felonies and 18 key misdemeanors. “My Senate colleagues, including Senator Fuschillo and Senator Hannon, and I have pushed tirelessly for passage of this legislation because we believe it will aid us in the fight to protect New Yorkers. Extending the DNA database will help us track and apprehend criminals, and prosecute them in a more-timely manner, giving victims true justice,” said Saladino. “Every time we get a rapist or child molester convicted and placed behind bars, that is one less who can strike again.”

Assemblyman Saladino said the second piece of legislation eliminates the criminal statute of limitations for Class B felony sexual assault crimes and increases the civil statute of limitations in such cases from one year to five years. “This bill will provide rape victims with better opportunities to prosecute their attackers, and that’s crucial in the fight for justice,” said Saladino.

Saladino noted the legislation is a victory in the fight to extend victims’ rights, saying, “I am pleased that my efforts with press conferences, petitions, debate in the Capitol, and building support among my Senate and Assembly colleagues was fruitful and effective in passing meaningful legislation to protect New Yorkers.”