Assemblyman Saladino Urges Participation In ‘Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign’

May 1, 2007
As Mother’s Day approaches, we all reflect on how important the women in our lives are to our families. What better way to say you love them and care about their health than by asking a loved one to participate in the Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign sponsored by the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program. Adelphi New York conducts the Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign every year to raise breast cancer awareness and urge all women to get mammograms.

Anyone in New York state with breast cancer related questions or concerns can call Adelphi’s toll free number at (800) 877-8077 to speak with their specially trained volunteers, most of whom are breast cancer survivors. Callers to the hotline can find emotional support and answers to their questions, learn how to obtain a low cost or free mammogram and get help locating a nearby accredited mammography facility.

Each year the hotline receives more than 4,000 calls from concerned women, men and families from across the state. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of people looking for information on breast cancer can visit their Web site at

People will be relieved to know that approximately 95 percent of all mammograms prove to be normal. Many women are so fearful of a breast cancer diagnosis that they avoid getting a mammogram - a choice that places them at a greater risk. To date, the best weapon women have against breast cancer is early detection. That is why, this Mother’s Day I am urging all women to contact the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program and participate in their Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign. The most valuable gift of all is peace of mind. Sons, husbands and caring men should use this opportunity to give this information to their loved ones as a wonderful way to say “Happy Mother’s Day – We Love You.”