Assemblyman Saladino Votes in Favor of Tax Relief, Says Much More is Needed to Protect Property Owners

August 20, 2008
Reiterating his position of the great need to provide homeowners across the state with meaningful and deep property tax relief, Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino today called on the Assembly Majority Leadership to allow a vote on the Property Taxpayers Protection Act.

"At a time when overburdened homeowners and property taxpayers need change, I am disappointed that the Assembly leadership did not allow our Property Taxpayers Protection Act to reach the floor for a vote. This comprehensive legislation would address all of the components to the solution for real property tax relief while protecting quality education across the state. We have listened to homeowners who are in fear of losing their homes, listened to school boards about unfunded mandate relief, the experts, independent voices for change and the education community. This bill addresses all of their concerns respectfully and will lead to substantial property tax relief," said Saladino.

"It is a shame that the Property Taxpayers Protection Act and the Senate Majority’s solutions to the over burdensome property taxes were not allowed to be addressed at this opportunity," said Assemblyman Saladino who is one of the sponsors of the Property Taxpayers Protection Act.

While some have referred to the bill the Assembly voted on as a gimmick, Assemblyman Saladino took the high road.

"I respect the Majority Assembly members and appreciate the fact that we are beginning to open the dialogue on solutions to the state’s number one problem, escalating property taxes, but the plan they put forward doesn’t do enough. There is no time to waste and real help is long overdue. The "circuit breaker" bill that they proposed is not a bad step, but this plan will not do enough to bring the kind of tax relief our residents deserve. I hope we will keep this issue on the front burner and quickly bring relief to homeowners before it is too late," stated Saladino.

"The Senate proposal set a threshold on spending but guaranteed substantial state school aid so school districts are not left in the lurch and yet overburdened property taxpayers see real and lasting tax relief. By getting spending under control and providing reliable and substantial aid from Albany; pooling resources to bring down the unit cost of the many expenses that school districts pay, along with other solutions; we can deliver the highest quality of education in a more sensible way while incorporating sound business principles to keep costs down," said Saladino.

"In terms of cutting the budget, the governor has proposed $600 million in spending cuts across the board. The need to correct the overspending is imperative but healthcare, state aid for education and tax relief programs must be left alone and intact. We must streamline New York state departments, boost Medicaid fraud prosecutions and end frivolous programs as the means of reaching a balanced budget," concluded Assemblyman Saladino.