Assemblyman Saladino: On-Time Budget is Essential

March 18, 2009
Today, we are facing dire economic challenges. Families and taxpayers are suffering. One way to fix the situation is a fair and on-time state budget that addresses the needs of Long Island. This is an essential step in the right direction for bringing economic prosperity and relief to homeowners and taxpayers.

What we need is transparency and openness of the budget process that currently has been plagued by “three men from New York City in a room.” The Assembly and Senate majorities have knowingly excluded Assembly Minority Conference members, many of whom represent Long Island, from taking part in budget negotiations. Behind-closed-door discussions have become all too common and taxpayer concerns have taken a back seat in this process. This is entirely unacceptable and results in higher taxes, the collapse of businesses and loss of jobs.

The budget clock is ticking and I urge the Assembly and Senate majorities to quickly present a budget that is open for public scrutiny, debate and discussion. Taxpayers need relief and reform in state government. The more time that is wasted, the more it will cost taxpayers - a cost that most already cannot afford.