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Joseph S. Saladino
Assembly District 9
Assemblyman Saladino and Town Clerk Steve Labriola Join Massapequa Fire Fighters Annual Canoe Race
August 26, 2009

Assemblyman Joseph Saladino and Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Steve Labriola attended the Massapequa Fire Department's annual canoe race held at the Town of Oyster Bay's John Burns Park. Each year, Massapequa’s firefighting volunteers hold a canoe race to raise funds for seriously ill children and similar causes. Pictured left to right are Canoe race Co-Chairman Pat Burns; Assemblyman Joseph Saladino; Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Steven Labriola; his daughter, Gina; Canoe race Co-Chairman and Massapequa Fire Department Commissioner Tom McCarthy; and event sponsor Travis Nicholson, owner of the Massapequa Funeral Home.

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