Assemblyman Saladino Opposes Cuts to State Parks

Proposes sensible measures for state budget cost savings
February 22, 2010
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino came out in strong opposition against the recent decision to close down and limit New York State park access, especially on Long Island. Assemblyman Saladino suggested that closing state parks would not amount to significant savings to the state and provided alternative proposals to fix the state’s budget deficit.

“It is a shame that one of the most popular and appropriate all-American festivities may be in danger,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “From children to senior citizens, many Long Islanders have patriotically celebrated our nation’s birthday at Jones Beach by watching the spectacular fireworks display. Programs which are very low in cost to the public and important in a down-turned economy are essential to families who must enjoy their summer vacations here at home. I have provided the governor with sensible alternatives to fix the state’s budget deficit without the need to cut services, school aid and essential health care from Long Island residents and I ask the public to support this plan.”

Assemblyman Saladino has identified a list of cost-saving alternatives, which would still maintain state park funding, protect state school aid and essential healthcare, and still sensibly close the budget deficit. Some of the ideas include, but are not limited to, state agency consolidations, the elimination of bloated and duplicative state authorities and commissions, recouping money owed by Native American nations for law enforcement service contracts, collection of Native American cigarette taxes and reforming the state’s broken Medicaid system by routing out fraud, waste and abuse.

“It is time that Albany ran with sound business oversight and appropriate fiscal responsibility,” declared Assemblyman Saladino. “I have repeatedly warned that the billions of dollars in extra spending coupled with job-killing taxes would balloon the deficit and hurt Long Islanders. We cannot sustain cuts that threaten our state parks, raise property taxes, hurt school districts, localities, or our health care system. The alternatives I propose are all real solutions that benefit the state and Long Islanders alike. I will continue to call on Albany to embrace these efforts and deliver a sound, balanced and responsible budget.”