Assemblyman Saladino Attends Annual Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Breakfast In Albany

May 6, 2011
Assemblyman Joseph Saladino recently hosted a Sportsmen’s Caucus Breakfast in Albany. The event was designed to bring together sportsmen, anglers and conservationists from across the state, in order to discuss important issues before the Legislature. Saladino met with Willie Young, a Massapequa resident and president of the New York Coalition for Recreational Fishing, Inc., as well as NYCRF’s Sergeant at Arms Ed Simeone, and his seven-year-old son, Mac, at the event. Mac was the youngest member attending and serves as an excellent role model for young people who are learning about the environment through fishing and outdoor activities.

“Each year, the outdoor recreation industry brings billions of dollars in revenue to our state and almost a billion dollars to Long Island alone,” explained Assemblyman Saladino. “The Long Island economy benefits greatly due to our pristine beaches, our accessibility to water, and our national reputation as a great location for game fishing. Attracting visitors and anglers to Long Island for vacations or recreational activities makes a big difference in bolstering our economy.”

In this year’s state budget, Assemblyman Saladino was a leader in the fight to successfully repeal the New York State recreational marine fishing license, which required a fee for the first time in history.

“Saltwater fishing in the waters surrounding Long Island has always been free to the public; that is why Long Islanders joined my vocal opposition to this ‘fun tax’,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “Fortunately, our efforts were successful and we were able to force its repeal, so overtaxed New Yorkers can once again engage in saltwater fishing around Long Island without being nickel-and-dimed with another fee.”

The repeal of the saltwater fishing license and refund of lifetime maritime license fees were part of a $15 million restoration in the state budget negotiations related to Environment, Agriculture and Housing. As a long-time defender of environmental issues, Assemblyman Saladino welcomed the funding restoration. The Assemblyman has been applauded for his efforts and for successfully protecting anglers throughout Long Island.