Assemblyman Saladino Announces Reduction In Sales Tax On Clothing, Footwear

July 7, 2011
Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino announced that the sales tax on clothing and footwear costing under $55 has been reduced. Last year, Assemblyman Saladino voted against a measure that would have increased the sales tax on clothing and footwear costing under $110 by four percent. As of April 1, 2011, residents that purchase clothing and footwear up to $55 per item will have a reduced sales tax. Due to Assemblyman Saladino’s efforts and subsequent changes in Albany, sales tax will be reduced from 8.625 percent to 4.25 percent.

"This sales tax was simply another way that state government could nickel-and-dime taxpayers in order to feed its spending addiction, which is why I voted against this tax," said Assemblyman Saladino. "Decades of overspending and taxation have placed the state economy in the condition that it is in today. In this year’s budget, I voted to help eliminate and control Albany spending and close the budget deficit. This was a good start. Now, more work needs to begin on repealing extraneous taxes, like the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Payroll Tax, that will help ease the burden on taxpayers and businesses on Long Island and across the state. I have sponsored a bill to repeal this tax on businesses, school districts and every municipality."

"This decrease of the clothing and shoe tax gives residents the break they deserve. This long, overdue tax reduction for clothing and footwear under $55 will most certainly help Long Islanders with their bottom line," concluded Assemblyman Saladino.