Assemblyman Saladino Helps Our Troops Call Home

Office becomes the official drop-off center for Cell Phones for Soldiers
March 30, 2012
Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino announced that his district office will be an official drop-off site for this year’s Cell Phones for Soldiers initiative, a not-for-profit program that collects thousands of unwanted cell phones each month and sends donated phone cards abroad to be used by soldiers to call home. This year alone, it is estimated that Americans will replace around 150 million cell phones, with many of those unwanted cell phones being stuffed into desks, packed away, or forgotten.

“This is a great way to bring some of the comforts of home to our brave young men and women stationed overseas or away from home,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “Millions of cell phones will go unused this year, so why not support our troops by keeping them in touch with their loved ones here at home? All it takes is for someone to drop off their unwanted cell phone at my district office. That gesture will go a long way to connect a soldier with their family.”

Assemblyman Saladino went on to explain that once the Cell Phones for Soldiers initiative collects the cell phones, they are then sent to an organization called ReCellular that pays for millions of pre-paid calling cards for American troops.

Assemblyman Saladino, who is a member of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee, noted the environmental impact this program has as well.

“This program has many benefits and is an effective way to protect the environment by keeping electronic devices and batteries out of the waste stream,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “Recycling is very important, and I would encourage everyone to please help by taking part in this innovative program.”

To be involved in Cell Phones for Soldiers, please stop by or mail your unwanted cell phone to Assemblyman Saladino’s district office at 200 Boundary Avenue in Massapequa. For questions about this program, please call Assemblyman Saladino’s district office at 516-844-0635.