Assemblyman Joseph Saladino And The Long Island Assembly Delegation Call On Albany To Exempt Community Colleges From The MTA Payroll Tax

Saladino says repeal will save college students money
August 7, 2012
Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino has joined with the Long Island Assembly delegation to announce the introduction of legislation which would repeal the unfair MTA Payroll Tax from Suffolk and Nassau Community Colleges. Long Island Assembly members have come together in a bi-partisan fashion to protect students and their families who are struggling with their finances as they grapple with a way to pay for college tuition. The MTA Payroll Tax on our community colleges also forces up property taxes as Long Islanders pay to support the colleges through their county property taxes.

“At a time when families are struggling to afford to pay for college, tuition costs should not be increased to support inefficiencies at the MTA,” said Assemblyman Saladino. “For far too long, the MTA has used taxpayers, businesses, school districts and our colleges as an ATM, and the time to repeal this devastating tax is long overdue.”

At the press conference, Assemblyman Saladino and the Long Island delegation announced Assembly bill A10187. If passed, the legislation will save Suffolk Community College over $390,000 and Nassau Community College over $400,000 each year. The savings gained will help to keep tuition costs flat even though the colleges are facing increases in other areas. Students at this time of year are considering attending our community colleges because of the value and cost effectiveness that they offer.

Assemblyman Saladino continues to staunchly oppose the MTA Payroll Tax and the tax burden it carries for businesses, taxpayers, Long Island’s school districts and our community colleges. When the tax was assessed on all businesses, schools and municipalities, Assemblyman Saladino voted against it and quickly proposed legislation to repeal this egregious tax. After a change in the State Senate majority, Assemblyman Saladino voted in favor of proposed legislation that repealed the tax from businesses, school districts and some municipalities. He continues, along with his Long Island Assembly colleagues, to call for a full repeal of the payroll tax from our colleges, libraries and all municipalities. By taking the lead on this, he and his colleagues hope to reduce the cost of government and force the MTA to end its excessive spending as well as fix the problem of pension abuse.

Assemblyman Joseph Saladino has long worked to protect taxpayers and has a staunch anti-tax voting record. He voted against the MTA Payroll Tax and was one of the prime elected officials pushing for its repeal. He now is fighting to put an end to the outrageous cases of pension abuse which result in increased taxes and a greatly increased expense to live, enjoy quality services and get an education on Long Island.

“The thought of rising costs for Long Island’s students and their families so the MTA may continue such inefficiencies is unconscionable,” concluded Assemblyman Saladino.