Legislation Introduced to Require the MTA to Hold Hearings in Rockland County

August 14, 2007

Assemblyman Zebrowski introduced legislation (Bill A.9389) to require the MTA to hold public hearings on proposed rate increases in all counties where such increases would have an impact.

Presently, no such local public hearings are required, so there are none in the outer-lying counties where residents are often most affected by the planned fare hikes.

Zebrowski’s bill would, for instance, require a public hearing in Rockland County before the MTA could increase fares on subways, buses, and trains. According to Zebrowski, “Proposed increases in fees, rates, or surcharges must be adequately justified to the satisfaction of the individuals who actually use the respective services. Therefore, those individuals must have the opportunity to present their comments and concerns for consideration.”