Assemblyman Zebrowski: Assembly Passes Bill to Help Contractors Recoup Payment

May 20, 2011

Assemblyman Zebrowski announced that Assembly passed a bill that authored that would eliminate the senseless requirement for contractors filing suit to be licensed not only when the work was performed but also when they bring a suit for non-payment to court (A.2215-A). This measure, would give contractors the fighting chance they deserve.

“Contractors are among the hardest working New Yorkers, often toiling away while the rest of us are still asleep. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work quite as hard for them, and contractors are forced to fight an uphill battle when a client withholds payment,” Zebrowski said.

Under current law, when a contractor goes to court seeking compensation for services rendered, that contractor must be licensed both when the work in question was performed and throughout the claims process, which could easily take years. This technicality holds true whether or not the nonpayment was contested within the 6-year statute of limitations, meaning recently retired contractors or contractors whose licenses have since expired are frequently left eating the costs of their own work.

“Obviously something’s wrong here when the deck is stacked against the plaintiff, this legislation will give contractors the fighting chance they deserve – and make clients think twice about non-payment.”