Assemblyman Zebrowski: 2011-12 State Budget Closes Deficit, Takes Steps Toward Addressing Albany’s Spending Without New Taxes

March 31, 2011

“Although this year’s budget left us with many difficult choices my Assembly colleagues and I worked together to provide an on time budget – while this budget does include deep cuts it does not increase taxes or spending and it puts New York back on track to economic prosperity. Additionally my colleagues and I were able to fight for restorations in education aid for Rockland County schools from the Governor’s proposed 8 percent cut to what will now equate to a less than 3 percent cut from last year.

“The simple reality is that we cannot afford to continue to spend more than we have. We must do more with less as so many families have been doing since the economic downturn began. It is imperative that we addressed this situation head on so that we may move forward to put Rockland County and New York State back on track towards economic growth and fiscal responsibility.”