Agreement Reached on 2012-13 Budget

March 27, 2012

"Today an agreement was reached for an early 2012-2013 State Budget that

will continue to move New York forward. The budget will close a $3.5

billion deficit without raising taxes or fees and continues our work towards

improving the long-term financial health of our State. Most importantly we

were able to close this deficit while prioritizing funding for several areas

that are critical to my Rockland County constituents. Some investment

highlights include:

  • a $751 million statewide increase in aid to education that will increase formula aid to Rockland Schools;
  • a $30.6 million increase in aid for the Senior Citizen EPIC program ensuring no senior enrolled in the program pays more than a $20 co-pay;
  • a cap on all increases in the Rockland County's portion of Medicaid payments within 3 years;
  • the establishment of a new task force to oversee and prioritize $1.2 billion in State and Federal aid for infrastructure projects; and
  • $220 million in economic development money to continue to grow the New York economy and create jobs.