Assemblyman Zebrowski Helps Pass Legislation to Protect Rockland County from Future Storm Damage

May 22, 2012

Assemblymembers Kenneth Zebrowski (D-New City) and Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern) announced legislation creating the Rockland-Bergen Bi-state Watershed Commission passed the Assembly yesterday (A.2206). This bill, sponsored by Zebrowski would create a 12-member commission comprised of members from both Rockland County in New York State and Bergen County in New Jersey. This bi-state commission would work to identify, fix and mitigate potential flooding hazards along the multiple waterways of the two state borders.

“Our community was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee last year, and the resulting damage cost local municipalities close to $15 million,” Assemblyman Zebrowski saidi . “This multi-million dollar burden is even more difficult to fund at a time when our community is still feeling the strain of a sluggish economy. By creating this commission, not only would we help protect our region from future storm damage, we will work on mitigating any potential flooding hazards from becoming a reality.”

The commission would develop plans for alleviating some of the flood damage inflicted on the area and would be required to submit annual progress reports and recommendations to both New York and New Jersey state governments.

“Working with our neighbors in Bergen County allows us to create even stronger flood-mitigation plans, keeping more families in our community safe and out of harm’s way should more severe storms hit the area,” Assemblyman Zebrowski said. “Additionally, we would be protecting the natural, scenic and recreational resources of Rockland County for many years to come.”