Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

Join the 2012 Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge
August 20, 2012

Kingston – Assemblymember Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) reminds area students to keep up the good work completing the State Assembly’s annual Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge. Children who participate in the program receive a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading and Exercise Certificate for their work. Assemblymember Cahill is once again coordinating efforts with our Libraries to get the word out about summer reading and the value of our free public library system.

“Think of the places you can visit and the people you can meet by simply opening a book,” Assemblymember Cahill said. “You can travel across the country, learn about another continent and take a trip through your imagination, just by turning the page.”

To participate in the program, children must read alone or with a family member or friend for at least 15 minutes each day, as well as participate in a physical outdoor activity such as playing ball or taking a walk. Students mark the days off on a calendar and send it to Assemblymember Cahill’s office. Participants will be rewarded with their reading and exercise certificate at the annual awards ceremony held in October at the Kingston Library.

“The Assembly is working to ensure that our children get a quality education. The Summer Reading and Exercise Challenge is a vital part of that effort,” Assemblymember Cahill said. “Reading improves a child’s critical thinking and vocabulary. Besides, you can take a book anywhere. It’s portable, inexpensive and fun, and that combination is hard to beat. It is also important that children make time to get outside in the fresh air and find a physical activity they find enjoyable.”

Exercise helps to build muscle, strength and endurance and research has shown that children who keep fit perform better in reading and writing. “It is important for our children to be physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Assemblymember Cahill. “Encourage your children to engage in a minimum of 30 minutes of movement each day over the summer.”

“Above all, we want young people to read,” Assemblymember Cahill said. “Reading a book is an excellent way to learn something new and studies show that kids who read do better in school. In today’s tough economic climate, picking up a book also makes financial sense. The only cost is a trip to the library and a few minutes of your time.”

Click here for a list of local libraries. The Hudson Valley is lucky to have free libraries in most of our communities. For more information about the 2012 Summer Reading Challenge or to obtain a Summer Reading Challenge form, write to Assemblymember Kevin Cahill at 1 Albany Avenue, Suite G-4, Kingston, NY 12401, send an e-mail to Cahillk@assembly.state.ny.us, or call the District Office at (845) 338-9610. Additional details will be supplied by your school on the ceremony to be held in the fall.