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Butler, Blankenbush, Local Officials and Supporters Rally in St. Lawrence for Significant Repeal of Safe Act

Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I,Ref-Newport) tonight held a rally at the Gouverneur VFW in support of his bill (A.6140/S.879-C) that would work to significantly repeal the SAFE Act in upstate New York and Long Island. He was...

April 11, 2017
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Butler: Not the Budget New Yorkers Deserve

“New Yorkers have been shortchanged in this budget. The governor insisted on secretive negotiations, which added little to what we were trying to accomplish other than confusion, week’s gridlock, and division. This budget is a mixed bag. Yes, there...

April 8, 2017
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Butler: Budget Problems And Extenders Belong To Governor

“It is ridiculous that we are well past the budget deadline and we still have no budget agreement. The governor’s insistence on including, if not requiring, extreme policies to be passed as part of the budget is what is causing these negotiations to...

April 3, 2017
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Butler: New York Left In Dark On Budget As Gov. Opts For Backroom Negotiations

“Much of this budget is being negotiated in secret, with the governor opting to work behind closed doors with legislative leaders. The systems we’ve put in place where rank and file representatives are able take part in budget negotiations, such as...

March 29, 2017
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Accountability Lost On Governor’s Budget

With the budget being due in only a few short days, much of the state Capitol is left in the dark as to what is being agreed upon during negotiations. The budget, as in years past, is being negotiated behind closed doors by three men, all from...

March 28, 2017
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