Butler Calls For State Gas Tax Suspension, Alternative Fuel Research

April 26, 2006

Assemblyman Marc Butler (R,C,I-Newport) today joined his Assembly minority colleagues in unveiling a two-part plan that includes a cap on New York’s gas taxes on amounts exceeding $2 per gallon to provide short-term relief.

“The price of gas has reached the point where it is damaging local economies across New York,” said Butler. “Not only are my constituents not traveling as much, but tourism in my district is going to slow down this summer, as well.”

The Assembly minority plan also calls for development of the Alternative Fuel Incentive Fund, dedicated to researching, developing and using alternative and renewable energy fuels.

“I am particularly pleased with our plan to research and establish options to traditional fuels,” concluded Butler. “This plan shows New Yorkers that we have many options on the table to help ease the burden of high fuel prices.”

A minority-sponsored measure to suspend the state’s gas tax during peak driving months was defeated earlier this month in the Assembly by a 77 to 64 vote.

The measure introduced by Assemblyman Butler includes:

  • $500 tax credit for the purchase of a hybrid or “flex-fuel” vehicle
  • A tax credit equal to 30 percent of the costs associated with putting in an alternative fuel pump at a refueling station
  • $27 million to provide each of the 27 NYS Thruway stops with alternative fueling stations
  • Elimination of the state and local sales tax and motor fuel excise tax on alternative fuels
  • $20 million for construction of a cellulosic ethanol refinery
  • $30 million for research and development