Governorís Budget: Too Reliant on New Taxes and Fees

Statement by Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,I,C Ė Newport)
January 19, 2010

In these extraordinary times, the governorís proposed budget does not go far enough to reduce New Yorkersí tax burden, or help the thousands of people out of work find jobs. With over $1 billon in new taxes, fees and surcharges, this budget is once again far too dependent on New York taxpayers to pull our state out of this fiscal crisis.

The governor warned us that his budget would contain some difficult decisions. He was certainly true to his word on that account. I view this as the beginning of a very difficult process, and I will work to see that any cuts are done in a fair and equitable manner.

While unemployment is on the rise, the governor should be focused on creating jobs, not eliminating them. I am especially concerned that the governor is proposing to downsize our Tryon Youth Facility. This will put hardworking individuals out of work and make a tough economy an even greater burden to bear. One of my top priorities will be to ensure that the Tyron Facility is not downsized.

There were some bright spots in the governorís proposal; I am encouraged that he included consolidation of some state agencies and a call for a temporary ban on unfunded mandates. This will help struggling schools and municipalities.

All in all, the governorís budget has its good and bad points. I am eager to get to work alongside my colleagues in the legislature to ensure that the final budget does enough to help the upstate economy.