Butler Joins New York Farm Bureau at Albany Rally

Farm Bureau tells Albany: Don’t Plow Us Under!”
March 1, 2010

Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,I,C – Newport), pictured above, today joined his friends in the New York Farm Bureau at a rally behind the state Capitol urging legislators to stand up against measures that will hurt New York’s agriculture industry.

“Agriculture is the backbone of our state’s economy. As legislators, we need to do what we can to make sure that small farms are not being driven out of business and that New York does not fall behind other states that are agriculture powerhouses,” said Butler.

The farm bureau rallied for a roll-back of excessive regulations, paperwork and taxes and fees on family farms, the elimination of a Department of Transportation proposal to ban farm trucks from rural farm roads, broadband expansion for rural New York areas, the elimination of an outdated labor bill that forces family farms into a labor system that was designed to regulate factories, and better infrastructure - as failing infrastructure in New York state is causing inefficient transportation of farming goods throughout the state.

“Farm families in New York deserve better than the hand that our state has dealt them. Egregious labor laws and excessive taxation is forcing local farmers to close shop and either move elsewhere or find another line of work. The state should not be putting hardworking people out of work and it is time for that to end,” concluded Butler.