Butler Supports Fight for Construction Workers; Calls Governor’s Proposed Halt of Construction Work Dangerous to Recovery

April 30, 2010

“It is important to keep the hundreds of construction projects in progress moving forward, all over the state, for the improvement of our infrastructure, but, most important, for the thousands of workers these projects employ,” says Butler. “Ensuring New York’s workforce is on the job is incredibly important to our state’s battle on the road to economic recovery. As my colleagues and I rally around these workers, I am confident that we can ensure these projects are not stalled any longer than necessary.”

There are currently $600 million in suspended construction projects in New York State. The General Contractors Association of New York, Inc. estimates that 5,000 construction jobs could be lost because of Albany’s inaction. According to the Associated General Contractors of New York (AGC), there are about $650 million in contracts that haven’t been awarded and another $500 million that are being postponed. AGC contends that these withholdings have aggravated a 17 percent unemployment rate in the construction trades statewide.