Butler Honors Local Resident During “Disability Awareness Day”

May 17, 2010

Assemblyman Marc Butler (right) with Shawn Beebie

Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I- Newport) today joined his Assembly colleagues at the state Capitol to convene the New York State Assembly Legislative Disabilities Awareness Day, co-hosted by several leaders of the Assembly including Minority Leader Brian Kolb. Today’s events marked a special day set aside each year to recognize the accomplishments of people with disabilities who have overcome personal challenges to excel in their everyday lives. One of the main goals today was to increase awareness of the barriers those with disabilities are forced to deal with in their daily activities.

“Shawn’s story is just one of many that we all are so fortunate to hear about today at the Legislative Disabilities Awareness Day,” says Butler. “Shawn’s strong family support and dedication to excel at life given his personal challenges is a testament to the importance of today. His courage, determination, and perseverance are truly exemplary and I am honored to recognize him today. Shawn’s story is just one of several stories being told today and reminds my colleagues and I to advocate for legislation that will allow us to better support people with disabilities and give them a greater quality of life.”

The New York State Legislative Disabilities Awareness Day included exhibits and seminars from across the state in the hope of educating people on pertinent issues affecting the disabled community. Butler adds that with today’s speakers, exhibits and seminars, they provide an opportunity for elected officials to learn about new and emerging issues facing New Yorkers with disabilities and use this knowledge to craft legislation to address them.