Butler Says Economic Recovery Held Captive By Government Red Tape

Assemblyman emphasizes changes in state business climate at Joint Budget Hearing on Economic Development
February 2, 2012

Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I-Newport) raises important questions at the Joint Budget Hearing on Economic Development held in Albany.

After a recent Joint Budget Hearing on Economic Development, Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I-Newport) emphasized New York’s need for both investment and significant regulation relief for businesses. As the ranking minority member on the Assembly Economic Development Committee, Butler has vigorously advocated for positive systematic changes to New York’s business climate, which is perpetually ranked near the bottom in several national economic indicators, indexes and studies.

“New York needs a multifaceted approach to turning around its economy. While we’re investing in jobs, we need to immediately and aggressively relieve businesses of the job-killing regulations that stifle their success,” said Butler. “Economic recovery is being held captive by government red tape. Let’s cut the endless list of badgering regulations, rules, fees and fines on our small businesses, manufacturers and farmers. We have everything that we need for a vibrant private sector economy, except a thriving business climate.”

Butler noted that compliance with New York’s many regulations is particularly burdensome for smaller businesses that lack the resources of larger companies. New York State has been especially adept at bombarding small operations with crippling fines and fees. Butler suggests that New York State agencies should work with businesses, rather than against them.

At the Joint Budget Hearing on Economic Development on January 31, Brian McMahon, executive director of the New York State Economic Development Council, testified that the overregulation of businesses and the difficulty they face in complying with the state’s numerous rules has weakened New York’s competitiveness. Butler said action is needed immediately to remedy this problem.

Additionally, Butler asked Kenneth Adams, chairman and CEO of the Empire State Development Corporation, to review the agency’s evaluation criteria for the next round of “Open for Business” regional economic development funding competition. The Assemblyman wants to ensure that any state dollars spent are in fact being used for economic recovery projects. After reviewing the list of awarded projects throughout the state, he criticized the eligibility of some programs and questioned whether they would create badly-needed jobs in New York.

As always, Assemblyman Butler welcomes ideas from constituents and business leaders in his district. They are encouraged to contact the Assemblyman by phone in Herkimer (315) 866-1632 or Johnstown (518) 762-6486.