Johns: I’m Ready To Work With Gov. Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Duffy To Bring Local Governments, Schools, Taxpayers Unfunded Mandate Relief

Statement from Assemblyman Mark Johns (R,C-Webster)
January 26, 2012

Lt. Gov. Duffy (left) and Assemblyman Johns (R,C-Webster) (right) discuss ways to relieve the pressures of unfunded mandates on local governments and schools.

“Relief from unfunded mandates is a very important part of the Upstate New York agenda, especially here in Monroe County. Local taxpayer dollars have been diverted to pay for costly Albany edicts on everything from pensions to Medicaid spending. In order to keep up with these rising costs, municipalities are sometimes forced to reduce the services our communities need the most.

“The Governor’s mandate relief proposal in his budget is a welcome first step, but I know we can do more. The Greater Rochester region is on the brink of something wonderful in terms of economic turnaround, and I trust that our local leaders and school administrators know what is best to prepare our communities for a more prosperous future.

“The open dialogue on mandate relief must carry on until we can come to a satisfactory resolution that halts and reverses the effects of costly mandates. I thank Lt. Gov. Duffy for his consistent support and commitment to our region, and look forward to continued discussions on this matter.”