Assemblymember Matthew Titone Addresses Curtis High School Seniors on the Prom Promise

May 26, 2011

Assemblymember Matthew Titone (D-North Shore) will address the students of Curtis High School on Friday, May 27th at their Senior Day event at the Staaten at 1:30 pm. The Assemblymember will discuss Prom Night safety with the teens as part of his Arrive Alive Prom Promise initiative. The Prom Promise was delivered to high school students at Curtis as well as McKee Tech and Port Richmond High Schools earlier in the week.

The document asks students to sign a pledge that states that he or she promises:

  • “Not drink and drive or to accept a ride from someone who has been drinking
  • To respect my date and myself, and not to ride with anyone who is physically or verbally abusive toward me.
  • Not to engage in or accept a ride from someone who will engage in reckless driving or speeding contests.”

The document also asks parents or guardians to sign a promise “to provide a ride, no questions asked, regardless of the time I am called.”

“The Prom Promise is a tool to start a healthy discussion between adults and teens regarding Prom Night and will hopefully open the door to communication about drinking, reckless driving, self respect and dating violence. I hope all of our Staten Island youth have safe, fun and memorable prom nights” stated Titone.

Principal Timothy M. Gannon of Port Richmond High School stated “I think this is a great idea and I commend Assemblyman Titone for facilitating important conversations between teenage prom goers and the adults who love and care for them. After several weeks of discussing and participating in presentations on the issues of safe driving, respect and alcohol abuse, our students were encouraged to sign the prom pledge and take the pledge home to share it with parents or share it with one of our staff who they feel particularly close to. It is important for our young adults to know that we care about them and want them to be safe on their very special prom weekend. “

Tom Hepworth, the Parent Coordinator for Curtis High School added “Curtis High School parents appreciate and support Assemblyman Titone's Prom Promise Initiative. By helping to raise teen awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, he may well have saved a life today.”

This initiative is a continuation of the Assemblymember’s Safe Teen Driving Campaign which was implemented in 2008 with the assistance and encouragement of John Arout whose teenage daughter, Michelle was killed in a drag racing contest. This year, the Assemblymember has added the provision regarding physical and verbal abuse to further his recent teen dating violence awareness initiatives as well. “It is essential that the conversation with our teens includes an awareness of abusive behavior. I am the co-sponsor of legislation which will create a dating violence curriculum in schools. In the meantime, I hope that adding this topic to the Promise will be a start to important conversations” added Titone.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the Prom Pledge may contact Assemblymember Titone’s office at 718-442-9932 or by email at