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Micah Kellner
Assembly District 76
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00938Relates to the collection of charges for heat-related residential utility service
A00939Relates to vacancies and illegal use and occupancy with regard to cooperative or condominium conversion plans
A00940Authorizes the voluntary dissolution of Mitchell-Lama co-ops; creates the middle income housing fund
A00941Provides lifetime, premium-free insurance through the Healthy NY program to a person who donates a kidney during the course of his or her lifetime
A00942Eliminates certain publication requirements for limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships; repealer
A00943Caps fares for paratransit transportation
A00944Requires any renovations of mass transit or rapid transit stations by the MTA shall include facilities to expand access to include persons with disabilities
A00945Establishes metropolitan transportation authority disabled riders' council
A00946Enacts the protection in the workplace act
A00947Imposes a fee on the use of plastic carryout bags
A00948Relates to excluding vehicles designed for paratransit transportation from the definition of for-hire vehicle
A00949Exempts operators of handicapped accessible taxicabs, livery service and black car service vehicles in New York city who operate without a handicapped medallion from certain fees
A00950Authorizes the enactment of local laws regarding playground equipment and requires the use of a temperature test on playground equipment installed by municipalities
A00951Requires assistive listening systems and visual evacuation alarm components in public buildings
A00952Designates rescue dogs as the official state dog
A00953Enacts the digital impersonation prevention act
A00954Provides that instructions to the jury shall include certain defenses
A00955Requires public disclosure of certain state agency materials, and authorizes the office for technology to publish a technical standards manual for the publishing of records on the Internet by state agencies
A00956Creates the New York State Civilian Complaint Review Board to investigate alleged misconduct by police and peace officers
A00957Requires the governor to meet with the assembly and with the senate once a month to answer questions relating to the state
A00958Enacts the "improper payments reporting and reduction act" to require state agencies to annually report on its improper payments and to seek a reduction thereof
A00959Provides improved access to taxicabs for persons with disabilities and authorizes the sale of 2,000 additional wheelchair accessible taxicab licenses in the city of New York
A00960Relates to fines and penalties associated with operation of for-hire vehicles in the city of New York
A00961Relates to the collection of charges for residential utility service deemed to be rent
A00963Provides for the licensure of rehabilitation counselors by the department of education
A00964Creates real property tax abatement for certain commercial properties located within the Second Avenue subway project
A00965Requires the small business revolving loan fund to issue a certain percentage of its remaining principal or further appropriations to micro loans and micro seed loan
A00966Relates to converting residential rental buildings from being mass-metered to submetered
A00967Prohibits waste transfer stations from being located near public housing projects
A00968Relates to children with handicapping conditions attending educational facility located outside the state
A00969Relates to the elimination of state review officer; repealer
A00970Limits the liability of a debit cardholder for unauthorized use of a debit card
A00971Prohibits the possession of bushmeat and imposes civil penalties therefor
A00972Requires the installation and testing of fire equipment and sprinkler systems at pet stores
A00973Relates to the payment of medical malpractice insurance premiums and creates the health care access protection fund
A00974Prohibits the seizure of a vehicle used to transport the taxpayer or a member of the taxpayer's household who has a mobility impairment as documented by a physician
A00976Provides a tax credit for spay or neuter services
A00977Provides a tax deduction from personal income taxes for un-reimbursed expenses paid for veterinary care of companion animals
A00978Requires blanket health insurance policies to provide coverage for outpatient treatment by mental health practitioners
A00979Provides for tax credit for the adoption of household pets from animal shelter or humane society
A00980Allows taxpayers to contribute to the support of the animal population control fund by marking a space on a corporate or personal income tax return
A00981Requires the public service commission to audit utility submetering orders, compare usage before submetering to usage after submetering orders, prepare report
A00982Requires the city of New York or county within the district to make maintenance of escalators, elevators and other facilities in passenger stations a priority
A00983Provides an exception to the publication requirement after a legal name change
A00984Requires contract carriers of passengers by motor vehicle to provide federal SMS results to potential customers
A00985Creates waiver for intrastate operation for deaf persons
A01061Requires the provision of assistive listening systems in New York state airport terminals and rail stations
A01119Requires notice to utility customers of right to direct access to PCS complaint process, restricts conversion to submetering, prohibits collection of separate charge
A01120Provides for notification to utility customers of their right to direct access to public service commission complaint procedures without arbitration or court proceedings
A01121Relates to the sale of fire extinguishers
A01122Prohibits the hiring of a level 2 or level 3 sex offender as a building superintendent or resident manager, provides that sexual harassment of a tenant is a violation
A01177Caps utility rate charges in multiple dwellings with sub-metering
A01178Authorizes the regents to create a task force to review the issue of textbook cost and ways to enhance the academic role and delivery of course materials
A02054Establishes standards for the care of abandoned, stray or seized animals and requires the release of a shelter animal to a rescue group upon request of the rescue group
A02113Creates the Public Corruption Prevention and Enforcement Act of 2013
A02778Requires automatic manual recanvass and audit of votes in cases where the difference between votes cast for candidates determines nomination or election
A04191Requires mental health practitioners licensed under article 163 of the education law to report substantial risk or threat of harm
A04563Prohibits pub crawls in N.Y. city
A06076Provides that in a city of one million or more flashing purple lights may be affixed to and displayed on buses operated on a bus rapid transit route
A06379Prohibits hidden mobile device spying and stalking programs
A07256Authorizes grants for the New York city off-track betting corporation
A07409Relates to the management of the Roosevelt Island operating corporation
A07498Authorizes the issuance of two thousand wheelchair accessible taxicab licenses in the city of New York
A07615Directs the state department of education to develop a comprehensive plan for increasing access to and lending of electronic books in public libraries and public library systems across New York state
A07666Relates to the study of the economic impact of public libraries and public library systems in the state
A07766Relates to the use of assistive technology devices
A07849Caps the salaries of certain not-for-profit corporation executives
A08060Requires comprehensive training for school bus drivers and school bus attendants for safe and appropriate transportation for children with disabilities

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00022   A00031   A00050   A00113   A00115   A00149   A00171   A00172   A00179   A00187   A00202   A00203   A00218   A00236   A00239   A00243   A00248   A00253   A00295   A00396   A00413   A00424   A00425   A00505   A00525   A00570   A00619   A00641   A00655   A00658   A00703   A00705   A00706   A00710   A00711   A00715   A00726   A00745   A00779   A00828   A00848   A00915   A00988   A01103   A01116   A01124   A01125   A01127   A01147   A01180   A01204   A01283   A01447   A01585   A01666   A01671   A01685   A01686   A01695   A01741   A01826   A01962   A01990   A02012   A02060   A02098   A02180   A02190   A02240   A02272   A02294   A02325   A02337   A02346   A02437   A02438   A02597   A02666   A02688   A02694   A02708   A02736   A02750   A02803   A02805   A02837   A02944   A02967   A03103   A03221   A03244   A03265   A03280   A03295   A03305   A03525   A03562   A03563   A03647   A03676   A03691   A03742   A03839   A03944   A03995   A03998   A04116   A04135   A04156   A04226   A04236   A04440   A04526   A04965   A05099   A05105   A05131   A05294   A05330   A05344   A05350   A05389   A05424   A05653   A05692   A05785   A05786   A05805   A05975   A06073   A06093   A06240   A06290   A06328   A06365   A06394   A06445   A06716   A06945   A07144   A07189   A07293   A07333   A07635   A07756   A07786   A07811   A08021   A08070   A08173   A08817   A09479   A09640  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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