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Micah Kellner
Assembly District 76
Letter to NYC Dept. of Transportation Regarding Turn Signal at York Avenue and East 79th Street
September 10, 2009

Margaret Forgione
Manhattan Borough Commissioner
New York City Department of Transportation
59 Maiden Lane, 35th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Dear Commissioner Forgione:

I am writing in regard to a problem that has been brought to my attention concerning a traffic light located at the intersection of East 79th Street and York Avenue in my district. A left turn signal was installed in the northbound lane of York Avenue in response to a resident request and subsequent traffic study by the New York City Department of Transportation.

Since the change was implemented, several residents have contacted me concerned about the timing of the north and south bound traffic lights. According to those concerned, when the south bound York Avenue light turns red, the north bound light remains green, allowing traffic to continue to flow to the north, through the crosswalk. While the “Do Not Walk” sign for pedestrians remains lit to caution pedestrians not to cross, there is no indication to pedestrians that they cannot walk other than this cross walk sign – the traffic signal facing them is red. While it is incumbent upon all pedestrians to follow traffic laws and only walk when the cross walk sign indicates, I share the concerns of my constituents who fear an accident may occur.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can remedy this situation. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 212-860-4906 with any questions.

Very truly yours,
Micah Z. Kellner
Assembly Member


cc: Josh Orzech, New York City Department of Transportation
Transportation Committee, Community Board 8
East 79th Street Neighborhood Association

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