Assemblyman Cusick Asks for Regional Coordination in Transportation

January 23, 2012

Albany, NY – During hearing of the Joint Session Committee on Transportation, Assemblyman Michael Cusick (D-Staten Island) made the case to the new Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Joseph Lhota for regional coordination with respect to the City’s transportation needs.

“There needs to be a regional coordination plan with respect to toll increases between the MTA and the Port Aurthority. The MTA and the Port Authority need to work together on economic impact studies when implementing toll increases.”

Staten Island remains the highest tolled area in the entire nation; paying 6% of all tolls nationally. The MTA provides bus services on Staten Island, but provides dramatically less transportation options for Islanders than other city residents. Besides the dramatic monetary effect on residents of Staten Island, high tolls and poor public transportations options make it difficult for people to come to Staten Island and have an adverse effect on the regional economy.

“Staten Islanders need a fair shake. They need a reliable public transportation system at a price that doesn’t break the bank.”

“When the MTA raises tolls, there is a significant economic impact, when the Port Authority raises tolls, there is an additional impact” said Cusick. “There needs to be a regional acknowledgement that these actions have direct economic consequences on our borough’s residents”