Cusick: Helping Catholic Schools on Staten Island

Measure would allow independent and religious schools to be fully reimbursed
March 28, 2012

Albany – Assemblyman Michael Cusick today praised the restoration of the original Comprehensive Attendance Policy reimbursement formula to reimburse independent and religious schools. Cusick is the prime sponsor of the legislation which allows these schools to collect the correct amount of reimbursements for their actual CAP costs.

“This is a common sense measure that uses a straight forward formula for reimbursement to independent and religious schools.” said Cusick “These institutions need to be reimbursed fully for costs they incur in complying with state mandates.”

A significant deficit has accrued in reimbursement to private schools because of the problem with the reimbursement formula. The agreed upon budget not only restores the correct reimbursement formula, it adds money to help ensure that schools are fully reimbursement this year and requires state education department to develop a plan to address the deficit under the program.

“I am pleased that the Governor and both Houses were able to address this critical situation. The economic crisis we are experiencing is also affecting Catholic and other non-public schools and this budget helps to address that crisis,” said Assemblyman Cusick.