Cusick praises the restoration of the CAP reimbursement formula for non-public schools

Measure would allow independent and religious schools to be fully reimbursed.
April 9, 2012

ALBANY- Assemblyman Cusick today praised the restoration of the original Comprehensive Attendance Policy reimbursement formula to reimburse independent and religious schools. Cusick is the prime sponsor of the legislation which allows these schools to collect the correct amount of reimbursements for their actual CAP costs.

“This is a common sense measure that uses a straight forward formula for reimbursement to independent and religious schools.” said Cusick “These institutions need to be reimbursed fully and in a easy to understand manner.”

In order to determine the actual cost of CAP and to establish a reimbursement formula, the State Education Department (SED) staff painstakingly interviewed and surveyed numerous school administrators and examined school records and documentation. The Department subsequently estimated that the CAP formula would cost approximately $40 million, an amount appropriated in the 2007-2008 State Budget. However, when school claims for CAP were generated utilizing the reimbursement formula established by SED, the aggregate amount claimed was approximately $55 million - a difference of $15 million or 27 percent.

Rather than prorating payments to schools by 27 percent (a standard practice when the MSR appropriation has been insufficient) the formula was adjusted to 'fit" the $40 million appropriation. The revised formula was used to disburse the initial $40 million appropriation and continues to be used. As a result, schools are not able to claim or be reimbursed for their actual CAP expenses.