Cusick Legislation to Give Each Borough a Vote on Water Rate Hikes

May 17, 2012

With the recent rubber-stamp vote by the Water Board to hike the water rate 7 percent, Assemblyman Cusick introduced legislation to change the membership of the Board of Directors to include the five borough presidents. The bill changes the membership to give the five boroughs a say in any increases.

“After attending a public hearing in April, it became clear that the makeup of the Water Board is stacked by city representatives who essentially control the vote on rate hikes. My bill will give fair representation on any future water rate increases by realigning the Board makeup to include elected officials from each Borough. Having a say at the table on New York City water rates gives all New York City residents and business owners a fighting chance, when it comes to these outrageous yearly hikes,” said Assemblyman Cusick.

“Staten Island homeowners and businesses have had enough with the successive annual increases in their water costs which have gone from 7.5 percent to 11.5 percent in recent years. Property tax increases, water cost increases and toll increases are a slap in the face to citizens of our Borough and this legislation will, at the very least, give us a say in future votes on any increases,” said Cusick.

In addition, Assemblyman Cusick has co-sponsored A.2672, which would limit annually to five percent, or the rate of inflation, any fees, rates or other charges by the Water Board